put your hair up!

idea by jlm711
put your hair up!

The Idea


the only way to get teenagers excited about something is to make it a) free and b) free. let's tap into a demographic that is both easily persuaded and can use a dose of reality.

The Specifics

1) use $5,000 to make t-shirts. on the front, they say "Put Your Hair Up For the Horn of Africa" and below that, "usaid.gov/FWD." on the back, they have the 4 facts about the famine on the USAID website, as well as the link. the shirts are form-fitting, with a cool design-something teenagers will actually wear.
2) ask a store in NYC with a lot of teen traffic (ie Forever 21) to give shirts to customers (who can also donate to the cause if they want) each t-shirt comes with a hair tie to put your hair back with (so people can read the facts on the back, thus the campaign's name)

the "put your hair up!" campaign provides free advertising. those who sit behind / are walking behind the person wearing the shirt will now know about the famine

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by africankittycat
about 4 years ago | Reply

best idea

by usapride301
about 4 years ago | Reply

best idea everrr

by kgurlser@aol.com
about 4 years ago | Reply

im in lahve

by kgurlser@aol.com
about 4 years ago | Reply

I love it.


by englishlady777
about 4 years ago | Reply

this is a great idea! Good luck!

by lmwess
about 4 years ago | Reply

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