Floods of information cannot be ignored: Global City raising awareness in the Houghton, MI community

idea by mariahmtu
Floods of information cannot be ignored: Global City raising awareness in the Houghton, MI community

The Idea


GLOBAL CITY is a student organization at MTU that addresses critical, global issues. Global City is planning for a five day awareness campaign, including four days of flooding the community with information, and a final event including a high school student poster contest and a grand prize raffle.

The Specifics

The campaign will convey the message about the crisis in the Horn of Africa to the local community in rousing and engaging ways. We will create a series of images combined with provocative facts and empathy-designed messages which will be printed on posters, pamphlets and t-shirts, and distributed by student organization manpower to businesses, churches, schools, and in public spaces. These will announce the final event-a presentation co-created by African students and the visual and performing arts department. High school students will create posters about the Horn of Africa and showcase them at the event. There will be prizes best posters. Raffle tickets will be come with awareness ribbons to carry on the message.

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Can you imagine walking to Green Bay from the UP with no food and whatever weather conditions present themselves?

by mariahklingsmith
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