Interactive Food Packaging Event

idea by Numana




The Idea


Numana is a not-for-profit hunger relief organization that empowers people to save the starving through organized food packaging events. We are currently concentrating our efforts in the Horn of Africa, specifically Somalian refugees in the camp at Dadaab, Kenya.

The Specifics

We will use the funds we receive to organize another food packaging event as soon as possible by partnering with a church, school or civic / community group. Numana is very good at bringing volunteers together, promoting community, and building unity around an event. What we desperately need are the funds to pay for the food that will be packaged by individuals and families. Each one of our food packages feeds six people at a cost of 30 cents per meal. This means that your gift of $5000 will help us to be able to feed over 16,600 people! The food is delivered directly to starving people through our secure distribution channels to the greatest area of food insecurity in Dedaab, Kenya.

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