In Six Minutes

idea by cbradic
In Six Minutes

The Idea


Every 6 minutes in Somalia, a child dies from hunger. What can you do in 6 minutes before another child dies? Artists will gather in public spaces in Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago and Washington DC to show what they can do in 6 minutes. The pieces will be sold to raise awareness and funds.

The Specifics

'In Six Minutes' events will be held on 4 dates around the country in outdoor, public places. Local artists will come and create a piece in six minutes, whether they paint, sew, sculpt, decorate cakes or arrange flowers. Events will be advertised through blogs, social media & print. The public can gather, learn more about the crisis and watch the artists create in this short amount of time. Finished pieces will be auctioned on a corresponding website that also serves to educate and provide resources about the crisis in the Horn of Africa. All funds raised through the auction will be donated. Estimated costs include $1200 airfare, $400 public space permits, $1000 event promotion, $500 equipment rental, $800 2 yrs web design and maintenance.

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