GlobalH2O Event Action for Clean Water Access in Uganda

idea by CraigDavis




The Idea


GlobalH2O Teams create events to increase awareness of clean water and sanitation needs in rural areas in Eastern Africa. Creating awareness is the first step. This helps us to gain support from volunteers as well as donations to fund drilling, training of locals and handover to village water teams.

The Specifics

GlobalH2O would use these funds and awareness via GOODMAKER to do just that...plan and deliver the important next event in the United States for Global H2O - our 3rd Birthday in July of 2012. We will approach local musical artists and venues to support us and seek to increase awareness of the scarcity of clean water in East Africa and collecting funding to continue to drill new wells, training and empowering local villages to manage the wells and push to drive home also the need for hand washing and sanitation. We welcome all who would like to help...vote for us here, support us where you live, volunteer and do even more - Help us to find and deliver water now where it is needed!

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