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Buckeyes for Change

The Idea


Host an awareness event at The Ohio State University. This event will
include a dinner, charge admission and donate all proceeds to a Horn
of Africa charity.

The Specifics

I will organize an event at Ohio State University in order to reach
students. I will host it at OSU because it is home to 60,000 +
students, and also, Columbus, Ohio has the 2nd largest Somali refugee population in the United States. Students are the future of our
country, so I want to educate them and make them aware in hopes of
inspiring them to take action. Participants will see an awareness
presentation. In addition, each participant will receive a child bio
that details a background and their future. They will find out if they
became a child soldier, died of a disease, fled the country, etc. The
dinner will conclude with a discussion on what comes next and how to
make a difference in our Columbus community.

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I love this idea Hannah! You are such a strong, admirable woman with so much drive and passion for this cause which makes you leaps and bounds more than deserving to win. I love the idea of visually expressing the needs in Somali with your gifted photography, I hope you win! Your limitless!

by gorsekm
about 4 years ago | Reply

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